Afterburnedout… Thursday through Sunday was a whirlwind. Undertook the North American side of the BloodWork: Sleeves photo shoot, got wasted at our Year 1 celebration, and worked Horitaka’s Convention of the Tattoo Arts.

The Year 1 celebration went off great! Thanks to everyone that came out and made merry with us. Also thanks to Panthelion and Chatos 1013 for the filling the space with sonic pleasures, and to the Divebar Superstar and Defy for keeping everyone’s throats wet. Highlight of the evening was surely Matt and Beppe’s drunkin’ tattoo exchange. This is par for the course when you feed an Italian and a Ninja too much Johnie Walker.

Each day from 10am to 10pm we shot BloodWork: Sleeves across the street from Analog at a second story loft. We had to tear apart the Cal King bed in order to make room for the photo equipment, leaving the space looking like a disheveled porn shoot, but it worked out great. Collectors from around the States flew into San Jose to be photographed for the coming book project. Over the course of the weekend Max shot over forty sleeves by many notable tattooers. Many thanks to everyone who made the extra effort to get to San Jose to be photographed. Thanks also to Good Karma for catering, Mark and Tony for photo assistance, and Takashi and Marcus for keeping the bus on the road.

Work hard, play hard. Was a good week.