So here’s our first blog post… very exciting. We’ve opted to take this opportunity to announce the beginning of the documentation phase of the first BloodWork Project… Sleeves!

Collaborating again with Analog house photographer Max Dolberg, we’ve taken the lessons learned during the Full Coverage Project to spring board into BloodWork. Our goal is to compile a comprehensive collection of completed sleeves by many of today’s notable tattooers. Upon completion we will exhibit the works and release the collection as a limited edition box set.

First stop was London to shoot the European side of the project and attend the annual London Tattoo Convention. We/Analog came out a day early to tattoo at our friend Mo Coppoletta’s studio The Family Business. Praises to Mo for his hospitality and for turning us onto great food in London… we didn’t know it existed!

Next day it was off to the London Tattoo Convention at the Tobacco Dock to see friends and do some more tattoos. Miki Vialetto puts on the London Convention and he was gracious enough to offer us a space at the convention to shoot BloodWork. Some great tattooers (the likes of Filip Leu, Henning Jorgensen, Alex Reinke, and Mo Coppoletta) sent clientèle to have their sleeves documented. Huge thanks to everyone for their willingness to take part. Thanks also to Tony for photo assisting.

Towards the end of our 10 day trip, while the rest of the crew crashed museums and pubs, Max and I made a last minute jump to Switzerland to photograph Mick’s clientèle at his private studio in Zurich. Cramped quarters but managed to pull it off thanks to Mick’s hospitality and his clientele’s patience. Three hours sleep in a double bed with no bathroom and we were headed back to London in time to pack up for the trip home. A couple or three Jack-n-Cokes at 30,0000 feet and we’re all back in the States trying to fall back into the regular routine.

Where are the images for the book? For the time being we’re keeping them under wraps. But, aside from Max’s great shots, we’ll be doing a substantial amount of composite work as well. So you can expect a unique final product. Will continue to put out info as the project progresses.

Next up is the North American shoot in San Jose during the Convention of the Tattoo Arts, Okt 23-26. Look forward to seeing everyone!