AUDIT: 1108

November saw everyone busy with large projects on their core clientele.

Ron has been working on some new imagery, focusing more on the "mechanical" aspects of biomechanics.

Matt has been working steadily on his lineup large bodywork, including the coolest one yet. Who cant appreciate impaled naked women? Please raise your hand... be honest.

I've been working on a few new backpieces. Including Sibel, who I wish could get tattooed everyday. Not because I crave his company (he whines like a puppy) but because I really enjoy working on the tattoo. Also started a Ganesha on Jim, an old friend whom I did some of my first tattooing for, of which you will not be seeing any photos of...

Mr. Miner has been tattooing too! He works a lot, really, but somehow we failed to get any photos of him doing that. Check back next month?

November also saw the departure of Takashi's terribly rare and valuable Makino fixed gear. Since the person who borrowed it without asking has yet to return it, and because we would really like to see Takashi in a good mood again, we've put together the aforementioned Remember the Pearl Horse benefit. The plan is to do as many skull tatts as we can and get high on beer at the same time. Hope to see everyone there!

Over and Out!