AUDIT: 1208

December is generally an easy month for us (other than the benefit thing) as our clients often have family obligations to tend to. So we try not to push them to hard and instead focus on gearing up for the coming year, which is likely to be a busy one.

Regardless we still do tatts, and out of everyone this month Matt stayed consistently busy, working on several backpieces including Tony. The Mason Family came out, Aaron did some tattoos and got tattooed himself. Ron started some more “mechanical” leaning biomechanics and Jim’s been working on some interesting sleeves himself.

I told myself that I’d never do a sent of wings on a back. In my delusions on grander, I dont like to risk having to tie a floating image into a lager complete backpiece down the road, which almost always what happens. But Idi had compelling argument and I’m glad we undertook the project after all.

Okay times up. Get ready for the new year!