Starting to put together the guts of the BloodWork:Sleeves catalog. When we were doing European and North American photo shoots everything was a whirlwind of work. Felt like I was never able to take it all in an spend time admiring the work as I would have like to. I never had a moment to truly appreciate the breadth of work being presented to me.

It was like... Are you ready? Okay shirt off. Wow, nice sleeve. Okay hold still.... Alright who's next! ...all day long... for days.

But now I'm excited that I can sit down with each set of images and really soak every one in. I have to say that the magnitude and quality of tattooing being represented is really impressive. As a whole this is going to be formidable collection of work.

Dont want to give away too much too soon but here’s another teaser for you’s...