I'd like you to meet Mr. Powers. Here you can see him using his fancy psm flash cards to decide on a nice metallic red to go to print with (I know... why do we keep bogartin' the color images... later, later). FYI the spread you see on screen is Treviño's.
BloodWork: Powers
If you've ever bothered to read the fine print in the previous publications we've put out, you'll have noticed Eric's name in quite a few of them. He's the guy who takes the mountains of raw material, fucked up design files, ridiculous ideas, and impossible requests, and translates it all into a clean, workable format. Ultimately, if it wasnt for him, these hyper specialized projects we put out would not be possible.

Nope, all you "check out my MS Paint skills" designers and/or photoshop filter "till' I fuckin' puke" wizards, need not apply. What it comes down to is having like minds that can translate organically conceived concepts into workable information for craftsmen in specialized trades.

And this Mr. Powersez fuel... gallons of vodka marinatin' in pounds of lemons and ginger. Write that down kiddies.

BloodWork: Fuel