Now that the adrenalin has been completely, although temporarily, depleted from our suprarenal glands, I/we feel like we/I just ran a two year marathon. For' we get back to work, let's take just a sec to reflect...

To everyone who showed up to the exhibition at Anno Domini. Terrific evening. Your continued support helps to drive the next undertaking, and the next,
et cetera, et cetera. Thank you.

Thanks also to all who contributed countless hours of their lives working on this labor of love. Max Dolberg, Eric Powers, Mark Heaps were the guys at mission control who deserve more credit than they'll ever receive for their contributions.

To all of the collectors, some of whom made great migrations to the photo shoot locations. Its reassuring to know serious collectors out there have a broad view of tattooing, able to see the benefit and importance of contributing to these types of undertakings.

Most importantly we have to extend ridiculous thanks, love, and respect to all of the tattooers who graciously contributed their works to BloodWork: Sleeves.
This is really what its all about.

In the war against cultural apathy we have all risen victorious from yet another battle.

Hi 5's