Confident with my brother in arm(brella)s, Sir Shamah and myself, along with our trusted Sherpa (that's a joke in reality Sherpas are not to be trifled with), ventured deep into the untamed wilds of the Osaka fashion district in search of the infamously lethal, although quite dead and taxidermic, storefront window lion.

Soon our precious supply of water (that we didnt actually bring) was exhausted and we were forced to resort to consuming copious quantities of whiskey (which was purchased at Family Mart in advance of our journey with the explicit purpose of getting wasted because the dead lion hunt is kind of boring unless one affords him or herself the opportunity of seeing two blurry versions of the beast simultaneously).

I shan't waste your time with a long winded self-aggrandizing account of the hunt.  Instead I leave you with this image of man and beast at the apex of the chase, moments before complete blackout...

  Photo: Sherpa Dolberg
...why did I waste so much time typing all that?