GHOST IN THE CLOAK SOCIETY of Life Abundant in the Face of Death Imminent: MMX

Historians take note, the first annual rendezvous of the Ghost in the Cloak Society of Life Abundant in the Face of Death Imminent is adjourned.

  1. Maintain an active social network amongst the tattooers and serious collectors of the Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv.
  2. Relax amongst brethren.
  3. Encourage all further progress along the path of the tattoo.
  4. See some cool tattoos.

Roughly Ordered Minutes:
  1. Casually congregated at each individual's pace at the Koji Sake Lounge.
  2. Got half naked.
  3. Made and/or reaffirmed acquaintances.
  4. Delivered to the digestive organ of animate selves various quantities of sake and/or beer.
  5. Mingled with several women who sell their own abilities, of whom Mr. Miner was thoughtful enough to invite... dude, what were you thinking?... was funny though.
  6. Discussed in varying detail the marks up the skins and/or other topics of varying importance.
  7. Raffled some junk.
  8. Precariously situated selves on and around the main booze staging area for to take a commemorative photograph.
  9. Exhausted the allocated supply of libations.
  10. Disappeared into the night.
Thanks to everyone for attending.  Already looking forward to next year!