Next in the queue... the BloodWork:Bodies project.

For several years we've been networking with comrades in the craft, developing a comprehensive list of tattooers the world over who intend to contribute to the project.  When completed we plan to offer a massive multi media catalog documenting contemporary large scale tattooing the world over.  Specifically backpieces and bodysuits.

If you've paid attention to the "secret missions" you'll be aware that already we've been making jumps to Japan all throughout 2010 to document work.  Fuck, we could make a book on that body of work alone.  Quite the contrary, over the next few months we'll be making the push to document additionally in Europe, North American, and Australia.  

Anticipate this being the last major group project we undertake.  Consequently, with this one we have every intention of breaking free from the gravitational field.  Escape velocity?  Never heard of it.

Stay tuned...