In addition to the massive two volume book coming out in Oktober, BloodWork: Bodies will also have an interactive component.  We're calling it the 360.

The 360˚ concept developed in response to a common issue when viewing a photographed tattoo.  That is "It looks amazing but wish I could see it in person", is a phrase said by tattooers.

In response to this desire to visually move around a large tattoo we sought to manifest the 360˚ rotation.  A way to fully rotate and zoom in/out of an image so that the viewer could gain a real understanding of the three dimensional aspects of a tattoo, and what the tattooer is conveying.

The origins of this concept date back... well one can go way back with this, but the most immediate inspiration came from pioneers Joseph Plateau (phenakistoscope) and Eadweard J. Muybridge (zoopraxiscope).  

Interesting side note, Muybridge is said to have been an influence on Thomas Edison who himself owned patents for motion picture cameras, and it goes without saying that Edison designed the original "electric pen", precursor to the tattoo machine.  The latter having been patented by Samuel O'Reilly.

Anyway, after a few trips to the hardware store we were able to build a solid circular platform that could hold the weight of a human being and also smoothly rotate the individual full circle.  

Once in action the subject was asked to stand still on the circular platform while being rotated and photographed in upwards of fifty increments.  This was then repeated around the globe until the body of work was complete.

Since then we've been working to develop and/or acquire software that will allow all of the raw material to be compiled into an interactive format.  The last few weeks has netted much progress.  Soon we'll post a link to one of the interactive images.  In the meantime, below is a low res active (although not interactive) 360˚ rotation for your pleasure.  This one is by none other than Tin-Tin.  

Imagine being able to rotate and zoom high resolution images of all the BloodWork backpieces and bodysuits in a fluid interactive format.... stay tuned.