The back end work for the 360˚ galleries is nearing completion.  Excited about presenting this component of the BloodWork: Bodies project.  As this is a first, we've been struggling over many a mountain but of recent it seems we may have finally scaled the last of the programming crags.  The precipice is in sight.

I've gone through the entire interactive library during the course of compiling this presentation, and obviously its a curious novelty being able to rotate the collectors, but as a visual tool its real purpose comes into focus.  Having the ability to move around the tattoo, and observe how the modular components of large scale tattooing intertwine, seems an indispensable tool.  In my own study of tattooing this will be a resource of continual reference.

For your pleasure, click on the image below to view and interact with a working example of a full rotation.  The tattoo, of course, was made by the peerless Horiyoshi III.
Again, each copy of the two volume set comes with a code that allows the owner access to the vast ether based catalog.