After completing a strenuous work week in London, Max, Marcus, and I made our way to Paris via train.  Here we paid a visit to the workspace of the unequivocally singular Tin-Tin and Co.  After photographing his clientèle for BloodWork we were happy to come upon a day off.  The opportunity was not squandered, took time to visit the Louvre (art overload), had a few great meals, drank, and slept.

The next morn was another photon deficient event.  With fashion week goings on in Paris and the rail protests in Germany we where finding it increasingly difficult to make our way around the continent by train.  Adding to the drag, we each were hefting our fair share of photo equipment along the way.  This all necessitated early rising and patient waits in train stations hoping to board whatever diesel beast would take us.  So at 4am we headed to Gare du Nord.  Dead time getting high on cheap espresso.  Next up Zürich.