As good a time as any to announce the ONE BODY seminar I will be offering at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this September 13-16 in Colorado.

In this seminar I'll discuss the importance of approaching the body as one form.  As well as sighting examples of the 'One Body' from an historical context, I'll be demonstrating how to work with the body as a single canvas, how to encourage your clientèle to see their bodies as one canvas, and how to efficiently make your way down this path.

Thus far, its taken me 20 years of trial and error, success and failure, to reach the point where I am able to efficiently work primarily on large body projects.  Certainly I still have much to learn, but feel that now is a good time to impart some of the knowledge I've been hoarding.

For tattooers looking to move in the direction of single tattooer relationships with their clientèle there may be something for you in this seminar.  My hope in giving this seminar is that I will be able to point out some of the obstacles along the path to single tattooer relationships and, in doing so, save other tattooers time and energy so that some might traverse this path with a bit more ease.

If you're interested in attending the seminar you can signup directly here.  Look forward to seeing you.
One Body Seminar:
• Historical Context
• Environment
• Building Trust
• Large Scale Visualization
• Layout
• Execution
• Q&A

Perspective: Where we stand in the historical context of tattooing, and our relation and
responsibility to it in the present.

Environment: Creating a working environment that lends itself to large scale tattooing.

Trust: Building trust with your clientèle to open the doors to single tattooer relationships.

Visualizing: Approaching the body as one form.

Layout: Different approaches to laying out a backpiece or bodysuit.  Simple compositional forms that allow for efficient flow across the body.

Execution:  Techniques for efficient execution of a backpiece and or bodysuit.  Challenges that will present themselves. Mistakes to avoid.