In honor of those who have traveled faster & further we present the ATAKONAUT/NASATAK flight suit grey, zero g, crewneck, casual cabin tee. 

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While it will have little added value in the cold & merciless vacuum of space, it does offer a bit of UV protection within the lower atmospheres of Ærth. 
Here's to:
•Albert II (primates preceded human in space flight by a decade)
•Laika (stray dog from Moscow who grew up to be one of the first animals in space)
•Yuri Gagarin (nuff said)
•Alan Shepard (the original Mercury Seven)
•Valentina Tereshkova (these days at the age many are mastering duck face, Valentina was training in the Cosmonaut Corps to be placed atop Vostok-K & blasted into space)
Arnaldo Méndez (Cuban with high melanin; double first)
•Greg Irons (never came back down)