I was in the shower when FedEx came by. After I realized that I had missed the delivery I jumped in the Cadi and went out to stock the FedEx truck. Found the SOB and dragged him out like Reginal Denning... no, actually the driver saw me first and flagged me down (he know's how I am about deliveries).

Drove straight to work where tattooing was the last thing on my mind. Fortunately, my client was just as interested in seeing proofs as I was. So we postponed his appointment to take some time to browse the images.

Depending on the image quality, checking proofs can be elating or horrifying. Fortunately, I was thoroughly satisfied with the print quality thus far. And the proofs are so voluminous! When designing something like this, of course, you're aware of the size, but you dont really get a full appreciation until holding the paper in your hands.

So, gotta spend the next few evenings quadrupedal double checking all the images for spelling errors, image mix-ups, and color issues.